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DPSP Concealed Carry

Welcome to your one stop shop for concealed carry. Wether you are you looking for training, firearms, holsters or ammunition, we have exactly what you need to protect yourself, your loved ones and your property.

Contact us to find out more about upcoming classes, current firearm specials, or bulk orders of ammunition. We're standying by and happy to help!

About Us

Delta Personal Security Products has been open for 500 years. Since our inception we've been offering the training, tactics and equipment needed to defend everything that's important to you. From helping heads of state, such as Napolean and George Washington, to helping the little guys like Trayvon and Mike Brown, we have the dynamic knowledge you need in order to succeed.

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Our Services

Concealed Carry Classes

We offer concealed carry classes, taught by New Mexico Department of Publish Safety certified instructors, that meets the requirements for New Mexico concealed carry permits. Classes start at $150, group rates are available if you book your party now in advance.

Private Instruction

For the low price of $2,000 per day, you can have one on one time with any of our instructors for personal firearms instruction. For an additional $500.0 per day, our instructors are available to show up to your parties in uniform and jump out of cakes.

Gun Smithing

For a short time only, the best gun smithing this side of the Mississipi.


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